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Sponsorship for FREE AMERICAN RACING provides branding within an All-American sport but also God’s Mission for Free Pennington to spread the Gospel through Driven Ministries.

Free Pennington is a hard-working, philanthropic business owner, a patriot and a family man. With over 30 years of race wins, Free is also a true driving talent who possesses the qualities that would make any corporation proud to have him represent their product, their employees, and their corporate image. Free possesses outstanding media and sponsor relation skills. His winning personality and engaging camera presence continue to make him a media favorite.

Primary sponsorship includes more than your logo on the hauler and racing vehicle. It also includes:

6 Driver, Show Vehicle & Team Appearances.
5 Web advertising via official website and social media.
4 Advertising on "Making an Impact" weekly webcast radio show.
3 Access to race track and garage area

Critical to the dynamic of the NASCAR race team and sponsor relationship is high MROI as demonstrated in high impression numbers. Free American Racing is committed to its role as a sponsor’s major marketing outlet and puts great emphasis on intensive, coordinated marketing strategies that ensure high degrees of marketing return on investment for each FAR sponsor. Schedule a meeting with FAR management today to find out how Free American Racing can become one of your most valuable marketing vehicles.

Companies Currently Sponsoring Free American Racing

AmberTech Global
(903) 739-2128

After decades of research and development, Ambertech has created AmberTech M99, a USDA Certified 99% bio based lubricant formulated to exhibit the Molecular Surface Modification Technology. AmberTech Molecular Surface Modification has proven to be a global industrial lubrication phenomenon!  AmberTech MSM lubricants present solutions never before achieved!  Fortune 500 companies have experienced the paradigm shift first hand.  AmberTech MSM bridges the gap between green and performance.

5 BUTLERBUILT Professional Seat Systems
(800) 621-7328

Don't gamble with your safety, use Butler Built Professional Seat Systems!

4 Impact by MasterCraft Safety
(317) 852-3067

When the opportunity to purchase Impact from Bill Simpson presented itself to Robbie Pierce, CEO of MasterCraft Safety, he saw the chance to make racers everywhere safer; including himself. Based in Santee, California and centered in close-proximity to the elusive Sonoran desert and the locale of the legendary desert race in Baja, it is natural to understand why MasterCraft Safety is a company better know for its off-road safety products.

9 Media127, LLC
(706) 993-3064

Media127 creates media that clearly communicates our client's message whether it be a website, e-commerce store, brochure, or presentation. Using the experienced staff we have in-house along with a network of professionals we have chosen, we have the ability to take care of any media needs your company has. Media127 handles the entire project from start to finish. We now offer Social Media management on a monthly basis. Media127 is the media management company for Free American Racing.